Some information about who we are and what we do


In Our well established family studio Geoffrey Sumpter has a reputation for producing the highest quality photography

Geoffrey Sumpter was born with a camera in his hand, as the son of the late John Sumpter himself a very well known and respected Long Eaton photographer.

The business covers most aspects of commercial and social photography, providing services for Weddings, Portraits and Makeovers

Sumpter’s have been commissioned throughout the country to photograph several members of the royal family, theatre & movie stars, Olympic champions, European football champions not to mention prestigious contracts for two locally based companies who are world leaders in their fields of cosmetics and motor manufacture.

Most of our work is in the East Midlands; however we are happy to accept commissions throughout Europe and the Americas.

In a recent survey, questionnaires we asked our customers for their feedback on things such as service, quality, presentation etc.

Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Asked how satisfied they were with our overall service 100% rated us as ‘very good’ 75% said ‘excellent’
  2. Asked to best describe the quality of their wedding photographs, 100% said ‘very good’, 80% said ‘excellent’
  3. On quality & presentation of of albums and design, 99% gave ‘very good’ while 80% rated us as ‘excellent’
  4. When asked about the photographers organisation on the day, again 100% gave ‘very good’ and 85% said ‘excellent’
  5. The attitude of the photographer was rated by 100% as ‘very good’ and again 85% rated us as ‘excellent’
  6. 100% of customers rated our total service as ‘good value for money’ and 75% said ‘excellent value’
  7. and finally, 100% said they would recommend Sumpters to their family and friends.